How did I cure my depression

Two years ago, I was conned out of 10,000 dollars by a trustworthy teacher.

He promised to help you win scholarships in universities in the US. I quit my job, spending one year on exams and application but did not get any scholarship.

After that, for a long time, I felt useless, guilty and miserable. I told myself that it would be impossible for me to earn my parents’ money back. The only thing I did was blaming myself everyday.

Every moment was excruciating. My parents blamed on me constantly. My mum told me she was regretful to give birth to me. For a fatherless daughter who was only bonded with mum, I was deeply hurt. Two thoughts echoed throughout my brain.

“ No one likes me”

“ I am worthless. My dad abandoned me 20 years ago, my teacher cheated me, now even my mum hates me”

Every day, I cried and could not fall asleep. I walked on the street, assuming that everyone was bad. I harmed myself, pouring boiling water on my thigh, and cutting my arms. I called my dad, blaming on him insanely.

I sat on the window bench of my room, wondering whether I should jump off. It was the first time I wanted to end my life.

Then my stepfather saved my life and helped me find the cure for depression.

In less than two weeks, I was back to my old self.

My depression disappeared so steadily that I no longer noticed it. I felt more grateful about “ living” in the world.

I am lynn, I am writing a step-by-step blog to share how did I cure my depression.

Hope this could help more people.

I am thinking about making videos 🙂


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