Want to develop healthy eating habits?

Want to know how did I help my client reduce the frequency of eating junk foods to 0 in 6 weeks?

(for all my chinese friends, I am sorry, I don’t have time to translate it into Chinese)

Keep reading this loooong post.

As one of my client asked me this question and also my research on helping my friend overcome emotional eating made an impressive success. I wrote this for sharing my experience.

this is not relevant to my coaching or business, so ignore all typo.

I will keep everything as simple as possible.

In the 6 weeks behaviour intervention, my friend reduced  the frequency of eating junk foods to zero.  this is how we did it. (If you are interested in the boring theory behind it, then you need to read this report link


Step 1:  Week 1 baseline : Analyse  the function of your eating behaviours

How:  download the 24-hour recall form and eating habits questionnaire from here

eating habits questionnaire   


24 hour recall sheet


           fill in the form and finish the questionnaire

           analyze the functions of your eating behaviours and develop your OWN intervention plan

you can use this report to analyse your behaviour:

If you really need help with this intervention plan, shoot me an email at


I will reply you after December 3rd. I am sorry for this but I am really busy these days for my business. Hope this wont piss you off.

Step 2: Week 2-Week 5 implement the intervention plan, adapt and changing

Two key things :

1. Taking baby steps:

everyone can lose 20 kg in a month but how many of them can maintain it ?

and how many of them enjoyed this process?

What I’ve learnt from a friend is that the key to developing healthy behaviours is “ enjoy” .

you have to enjoy this process.

2. Keep everything simple

the more complexed the behaviour is the less likely for you to maintain.

So please do me a favor, if you do not really into counting calories daily, and you are not confident about doing it for the rest of your life. throw it PLEASE.

You can count calories for a week, a month, but how many of you can do that for a year???

Ive never seen anyone doing it. So stop wasting your time on committing on sth that won’t  help you in a long-term. Sunk cost. 🙂

Step 3: Week 6  stop the intervention and see whether you’ve already developed the habits of eating healthy foods unconsciously.

My experience:

I was really into chocolates for a long period of time.

then I realized the trigger was that I had lots of free time waiting for the tram which prompted me to go to convenient store “for some fun”

to reduce this antecedents, I changed my habits. I went to the tram station 3 mins before the tram arrived. OMG. this worked F* well.. within two weeks. I felt that I had no crave for sweet  things.

and when I tested this by eating chocolates again, I found sth really disgusting in my throat, I spit it.

I knew this was the sign of “ habit”

then I stopped my intervention, one day I went to the tram station earlier, I saw the convenient store there but  i no longer had the feeling of purchasing any sweets for “ enjoyment”

then habit developed.

easy and simple .

it is like a magical experience. within a month, my weight dropped from 41.5 to 38.5 kg. (I am born to be tiny. dont feel scared of the low weights)  what was amazing was that I did not feel any pain in this process. this was the first  time in my life, I managed to do something without using will power. just focus on the behaviour, the tiny steps daily.

So if you are struggling with your eating habits, hope this post will help you.

I promise I will write more concrete stuff after December 3rd, and provide more resources for those who need help.

If you are realllllly into the boring theory and how did I conduct the intervention,

here are a lllll resources I used, including our final results.





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